What's a FABTS?

The FABTS is a club of homebrewers, beer aficionados, and anyone with an appreciation for the quality and diversity of great beer! As such, we are dedicated to the responsible enjoyment of beer as a alcohol containing quality food product, made to be shared with other people and other foods. The club was founded in 1996 by Lyle C. Brown, National Beer Judge.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

August FABTS Meeting - Meads

Our August meeting is fast approaching.  The style of the month is Mead.  Mead is a fermented alcoholic beverage made of honey, water, and yeast.  It's also the oldest fermented alcoholic beverage.  I don't know about you, but everytime I think about mead I envision being in 10th grade and having to read Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.  Mead is the perfect drink for Renaissance festivals to get in the mood.  The BJCP has a great introduction to mead for those like me that are not as familiar with this drink.

We will be meeting next Saturday, August 9th, at Kybecca on Plank Rd.  We will have at least 3 home brewed meads from our members plus some commercial examples.  I made my first stop at State Line Liquors in Maryland and I finally know why everyone raves about that place.  They have the best beer selection I've seen.  I picked up a local Maryland meadery's offering.  I suggest you take the few minutes to stop by if you're traveling up or down I-95 between Delaware and Maryland.

Here's the list of meads so far for our meeting:

Medieval Mead (Berrywine Plantation - Mt. Airy, MD) - James Russ

Lyle Brown - 2 meads
Joe Gherlone

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