What's a FABTS?

The FABTS is a club of homebrewers, beer aficionados, and anyone with an appreciation for the quality and diversity of great beer! As such, we are dedicated to the responsible enjoyment of beer as a alcohol containing quality food product, made to be shared with other people and other foods. The club was founded in 1996 by Lyle C. Brown, National Beer Judge.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

April FABTS Meeting

For April 14th FABTS sessiong we will be sampling Trappist ales. The meeting is changing venues this month. We will be at BANGKOK BOULEVARD. Address: 1300 Central Park Blvd. (Map). Phone: 540/785-7370. We will start at 1:30pm. Please remember to thank Chad for offering us a place to meet.

Beers we have for this month:

  • Konigshoffen Dubbel, Tripel and Quadrupel (Lyle Brown)
  • Rochefort 6, 8 and 10 (Lyle Brown)
  • Achel Blonde and Achel Bruin (Lyle Brown)
  • 2005 Orval (James Russ)
  • Westmalle Tripel (Rob Abbott)

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